ORConsulting. A psychology practice for business

ORConsulting is a company of clinical psychologists. Our background is in the study of human behaviour. Our foreground is in business.


After two decades of consulting we've developed a particular way of looking at individuals in corporate environments. It's not a methodology; it's simply what psychologists do best. We look beneath the surface, to understand what is really going on in a situation, rather than what people may assume is going on.
It's an approach that enables us to recognise how individuals are functioning - or not - when working in teams or partnerships. To identify the interpersonal elements that make a business thrive, or bring it to its knees. To understand when systemic issues are distorting the personality of an organisation.
For companies and organisations operating in high pressure, complex environments this knowledge isn't just interesting: it's invaluable.
ORConsulting is where you access it.

What you see depends on where you look.